Saturday, 13 December 2014

"Winter Wonder Wha...?" - Downloads/​Discussion

I feel the need to apologize for this late post. The PSI team appears to be out of practice. I, for instance spent the day preparing for a holiday trip, and completely forgot about the episode.

So in the spirit of correcting mistakes, the latest episode is available here for your enjoyment.

Again, apologies. I feel like a twit.

HD from The Hub Discovery Family
HD w/o watermark

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  1. It was a good episode, I liked the ending, but as a Christmas episode not that good. It was just lacking something. It just didn't feel very Christmassy and lacked any Christmas miracles. I guess the butler getting his job back counts, but that already happened off screen.

    When I found out this episode was out of order took place before "Two Pets For Two Pests" which in turn took place before "The Secret Recipe" I feel a little let down, I want to see the post "Secret Recipe" LPS world and now we we have to wait perhaps another week.

    I have to give Fisher Biskit credit he is smarter than he lets on sometimes. Fisher character is very inconsistent, sometimes he is smart like in this episode, other episodes he is a big idiot like his daughters like in "If The Shoe Fits", it feels like the writers just make him whatever the plot calls for, which I find to be lazy writing.

    I liked the twist that all episode the Biskit were trying to be nice for the wrong reason, in the end Blythe was nice to them for the right reason, and they had to be nice to someone else. So they have to learn their lesson even after they tried con their way out of it. I would liked for the twins to learn the lesson of giving, but at least they learned to accept two presents and they didn't completely desmess Blythe's text about the try meaning of giving, Whittany even read it in a serious un Biskitey tone, so it is a start I guess.

    As for the other plot, it felt more like a winter plot than a holiday plot, but it was good filler. I liked the guest camper, it reminds me of a character from the Woody WoodPeker show.

    All in an all, a fine entertaining episode, I give it 8 / 10, probably high if it wasn't build up as a Holiday episode.

  2. Yeah - unfortunately, this episode angered me a lot the first time I sat through it...

    However (as much it pained me a little) - against my better judgment, I revisited the episode a second time (as much as I'm kind of kicking myself here fro doing that...).

    The first time I watched this episode, I was too busy bickering about how stupid / unlikable the Biskits are as characters and that's what made this difficult to sit through for me... It still was, unfortunately.

    However, now that I've had time to re - watch this and cool off from the anger I felt, I have this to say..... It's still not as awful as "Feud For Thought" was, but I still hate those stupid twins - more than I usually do...

    I'll be blunt - this was Mid - Tier at best... Mostly because this really wasn't a Christmas Special AT ALL.
    But if it was - Dear God, did Williams screw up here, IMHO...

    But I can take some solace in some things:

    + Still more watchable than "Hearth's Warming Eve", only because the moral here didn't come off as royally forced - at least IMHO...
    + Blythe was smart enough to see through those 2 idiots from the start. THANK GOD for that.
    + The pet plot - just the whole damn thing.
    + Fisher actually being a likable father and character (something that has been hit and miss throughout the show. And that saddens me; such an actually decent character, messed up by bad writing...).
    + The ending - for the most part... That wasn't too bad a twist, honestly.

    Otherwise... Yeah, I'm very confident next week (Snow Stormin') will be (far) superior to this... I stand by that immensely.

  3. Major:

    -The lighting and overall feel of Fisher's den or study or whatever is very well-done, especially for Flash.
    -Character-building. For Fisher Biskit, of all people!
    -I have to admit, I've never heard most of Pepper's jokes before.
    -The pets' penguin slides. And even more than that, Penny Ling's little penguin steps.
    -Mutual dislike from Blythe and Biskits. It's actually kind of nice to see their relationship function this way instead of Blyhte acting all above being unpleasant to anyone.
    -Unicorns growing cucumbers makes an LPS/MLP crossover even more possible!
    -The Biskits are probably lying about space-pizza, but oh my God, what if they're not!?
    -The day camp's temperature drops to freezing and Vinnie doesn't die. That might be a miracle.
    -Zoe's willingness to give the Biskits the benefit of the doubt. I don't know, it seems like something a dog would do.
    -The twins' cartoonishly evil laughing poses. Do they ever see themselves do that and wonder what it says about them?
    -Possible, hopeful, foreshadowing of the Biskits learning about Blythe's...well, super power.
    -Something is wrong in the day camp. And...sorry, I'm just a little emotional...and mrs. Twombley...notices!! She noticed something going on with the pets, everyone! Oh, this is a glorious, GLORIOUS day! (happy sobs) I always wanted to believe you weren't a terrible pet shop owner, mrs. Twombley, I always...And then, she fixes the problem after she notices, oh...(happy sobs) bless you, merriweather williams...bless you!
    -At least the Biskits are honest once they're caught. And it's not like they claimed to invited Blythe because they like her.
    -The snow effect looks really nice. This is around the part of the episode that I noticed it.
    -Fisher is a really good actor! Or at least impressionist.
    -The skiing part is a pretty nice little bit of high-speed animation.
    -Enough money to put up with the Biskit twins, doubled? Real Francois (Francois Classic) must be making some good money by now.

    1. Meh:

      -No follow-up of any kind with Youngmee knowing about Blythe talking to animals. Might have been interesting.
      -Is Fisher Biskit a decent person or not!? How is this so difficult to decide on?
      -Speaking of which, why is Pepper sometimes nice and other times, she's a jerk? Both in the same episode, this time.
      -Also, Pepper's penguin jokes aren't funny.
      -Blythe's line about the magic of snow. God, I hate snow so much.
      -Francois 2 is a HORRIBLE DRIVER! I know snow on the roads is slippery, but that's why you drive CAREFULLY!
      -Blythe talks to Zoe while on the phone with Roger and he apparently says nothing about it.
      -Blythe using that "You know I can hear you" just after being caught talking to Zoe.
      -The inevitable Monban/Robotella shipping and rule 34.
      -Kind of risky, lowering the temperature so much with a cold-blooded gecko around. I guess Sunil really is the only one who likes Vinnie.
      -I think the frigid room is enough, pets. Being accomodating is fine, but spreading ice all over the floor is really too much.
      -If the Biskits can't ski, what do they do with that chairlift?
      -Why isn't Zoe talking? I know it would sound like barking to everyone else, but even Blythe just hears barking. This is an odd thing to say for a dog, but use your words, Zoe.
      -Parker waited way too long to start thinking about home not meaning everyone else's discomfort and danger.
      -Blythe is suddenly positive the twins invited her there so they can get more presents after seemingly not knowing that. Nobody asks how she knows it? A quick excuse would have worked, maybe even been funny, but nobody questions her out of nowhere clarity.
      -Bringing Zoe on the rescue skiing seems kind of unnecessary. Also, Fisher can apparently ski but makes no attempt to go after his daughters. I'd assume their lives are insured if this wasn't a "good Fisher" episode.
      -Oh, I guess the Biskits are not honest once they're caught. Nevermind.
      -"How does she have our number?" A fair question. And does it have anything to do with Youngmee knowing Josh Sharpe's address? Also, how is getting all spa'd up being nice to Francois? Oh, you wanted to see how the Biskit twins would be "very, very nice to him"? Well, you're not going to.
      -The picture Blythe sends changes between taking it and arriving on the Biskits' phones. Also, Blythe's arms are down. How is she holding the camera?

    2. One more meh. Blythe puts way too much focus on motive. Sure, the twins only invited her to their retreat so they could get more presents for Chris-...I mean for Holiday. But she still spent the afternoon in a mountain retreat, being robo-pampered, skiing and relaxing in a giant hot tub. A lot of people pay tons of money to do part of that with big crowds and no pets. Blythe can't toss out a quick "Your reason for bringing me aside, this was pretty nice"? Come to think of it, Parker didn't tell the pets "Oh, no, you don't have to do so much for me" until they had already done so much for him. And he never thanked them! He said they were his friends, but no "Thanks for helping with my homesickness". I guess the parallel theme of the pet and human plots this time is "guests without gratitude".

    3. Just more proof that Merriwhether Williams is a hack writer, IMHO, when it's NOT Spongebob or Adventure Time... Sad and insulting as that unfortunately sounds, too.
      A little more niceness would have made this episode less anger - inducing, if I must be real honest about the whole thing; then again, I'd be saying that for the pet plot - I feel Blythe was in the right here, IMHO. I wouldn't hang out with someone I hate, even with all that awesome shit thrown at me! Trust me on that.