Saturday, 31 January 2015

"A Night at the Pawza" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

Hello everyone! We have another episode of Littlest Pet Shop!

It's all about Twombly's friend, who's opening a pet hotel.

Are humans allowed to stay too? Or is it just for pets?

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  1. With the pet shop infested with ants, today's episode has the pets in a setting other than the pet shop which was pretty refreshing to see, even if the other location was a mess. For once, Madison is actually competent at something which was also refreshing. The Biskits spot the pet shuttle and ASSume they're in serious competition with LPS so they decide to get shady and hire a fake inspector to close down the Pawza Hotel before opening their own.

    The Biskits plot is the only part of the episode I didn't like. While the song was okay, I really don't get why the Biskits are trying so hard to be "villainy" here. Business competition is one thing, but here they're going to great lengths to make it as obvious as they can to be bad just for the sake of being bad. Yeah, we're the bad guys so let's, you know, be bad and stuff. This episode would've probably been a good opportunity to show the chinchillas here, but I don't know how they could've played out.

    Thankfully, we see all the pets equally involved throughout the whole episode, which makes up for last week's lack of pets. The idea of a pet having a pet of their own was lightly amusing I'll admit and the joke about Vinnie being given more credit for his intelligence than he really deserves was also kinda funny. What I liked most about the pets plot, though, was watching them all work together to help Blythe find out about the Biskit's scheme and scare away the fake inspector. Interactions between the pets and Blythe make for a very strong episode IMO and it really helped here. Although I have to wonder why any shady person pulling off a fake stunt would cave so readily to the point of allowing himself to be recorded while exposing the truth. I think that could've been handled a bit differently but I'll take the happy ending with the hotel fully renovated thanks to Madison's designs.

    I've become accustomed to the Biskit twins behaving the way they do at this point, but Fisher here was definitely a victim to the plot because he HAS been a much better character than this and that's pretty much the only thing that really turned me off with this episode, but thankfully the plot with Blythe and the pets was the more dominant plot here and they did quite a lot in the episode. Despite the Biskits plot, I very much liked this episode overall.

  2. This was a great episode, it had its problems, but the positives out weigh the negatives.

    First of a pet having a pet having a pet or a pet pet I thought was very clever, it reminds on Raph having a pet turtles in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. And the place got infected by ants, I was thinking in my head canon this was a continuation of the latest episode of Regular Show.

    I so wish they found a way to mention that Blythe the Biskit twins lives, so by that logic should have asked LEPS for help, because Fisher owes her one. I wish they would give Fisher some inner conflict, between his hatred of Twombry and any appreciation for Blythe and what she has done for him, he saved your daughters lives come on, at least hesitate.

    In my head canon, Fisher Biskit is bipolar, sometimes he is good, other times he is bad, sometimes he is smart, other times he is an idiot. When I saw the Biskit family in this episode, it occurred to me, they really need a good wife /mother figure. I don't know what happened to the twins mother, is she dead, did she leave Fisher, but an idea I have, Fisher should marry a nice good hearted woman, who will keep them all in line. Fisher is not evil, but sometimes he goes too far on the wrong path, if someone was just there to pull him back before he makes these mistakes. That is a difference with the Baxters and the Biskits, Roger and Blythe they don't need a wife / mother as badly as the Biskits, they need that whole in the family to be filled. Maybe in season 4 Fisher can meet someone.

    I did like the song, though as a father, Fisher was teaching the twins terrible morals. While I prefer villains not be self aware and call themselves evil or villains, I like it better when they think they are good guys, but this is a slice of life comedy show I will let it slide, if this was an action show like a good action anime or a show like Legend Of Korra, I would be mad, but here it is okay.

    As for you Biskit twins haters, you will be happy to know that the twins barely appeared in this episode, this was more of a Fisher and Dale episode. Heck the twins could not have been in the episode and the plot would still have worked out. And where are Cashmere and Velvet, did they die of starvation, wouldn't surprise me.

    I did notice that since revealing her secret to Youngmee, Blythe seems more comfortable about her abilities, when the adults asked her how she knew that the inspector was a fake, Blythe didn't over react, the old Blythe would have panic. So some character development them

    Speaking of character development, they actually had a Madison arc and it ends here. Madison found her talent and her place in the universe. I thought they unjustly tried to villanfy her in the season 1 finale and season 2 premere, working in the pet shop is not for everybody, being around animals is just not for her, doesn't make her a bad person, I am glad they corrected that, and they could have made her the Larry and Steve of this series, just going from job to job as a gag, but no they acutually developed her, I am not a huge Madison fan, but good for her.

    All and all, it was a good episode, just messing a guest pet. But I give this episode a 8.5 / 10.

  3. "A Night at The Pawza" - ...And I was expecting worse, knowing what this show is trying to do and hasn't succeeded at once. Trust me on this.
    Still better than last week by miles and miles, however.

    As for why I feel the way I do:

    As usual.... The Biskits continue to annoy me by just being 1D villains with no purpose on this show. Worse still, Fisher's been dragged down with them, all over stupid jealousy. This episode would have been miles better if he wasn't doing all this just to be a villain, but rather a good businessman who sees opportunities like sane people in his shoes does! I'm not a fan of capitalism, but making it seem so villainous it is never funny. Trust me After all, it's like someone else said - if all stores were mom n' pop joints, there would be no real jobs to go to for anyone... This show is not helping itself by being stuck on such an obviously negative cliche about business that kids need to learn and will have to IRL if they want to get anywhere in this world. I know this from experience - I hated it at first, but I grew up. I had to!

    While I consider this episode to be Mid - High Tier for everything else, I want everyone to remember something - this is WHY I hate those stupid twins and seeing their father act like this, and thus, have a hard time enjoying anything with them in it, especially since everything else about this episode rocked. Without saying too much - much better than last week, but this will only be worth it if that new hotel stays in place, continuity wise. Otherwise, although I really hate to sound like a pessimist here, I can see the negative tropes and high amount of being forgettable from a mile away.

  4. Major:

    -Blythe is right. Ants suck.
    -The ants might actually be dead, not just filed away in an ant farm filing cabinet or something.
    -Pepper and Minka share silent looks in the shuttle. Is this what pet conversations look like to everyone but Blythe? Or are they just...looking at each other? And if they are, can we call the ship "MarClark?"?
    -I know non-young people not using right internet terminology is kind of expected and Mrs. Twombly has used the internet before. But her misused terms are just adorable.
    -Madison. Who remembers names now?
    -Madison's appropriate reaction to Blythe's dust jokes.
    -Fisher Biskit's Monty Burns workout.
    -Fisher makes "time for lunch" sound sinister.
    -The song is pretty good.
    -Zoe makes the phrase "work like a dog" irrelevant. Also, Zoe and Pepper bonding over laziness. They haven't had a lot of moments with just the two of them ins quite some time.
    -Roger, doing the things that made me like him as opposed to last week''s good to see Roger being himself, is what I'm getting at.
    -Madison's concerns about Pepper are completely legitimate. Sure, Pepper herself doesn't bite or spray, but if I didn't know her, I'd ask about that, too.
    -Zoe's EPIC NOSE SHOT!!! (bending guitar riff!)
    -Redoing Madison's line and noises while she's wearing the gas mask in Bane's voice. Try it, it's fun!
    -Brittany's hotel sounds really cool! Impractical, but cool.
    -"Wow! It's like he understood ya!" Blythe, are...are you The Beastmaster!?
    -Blythe gives the guy several chances to admit he's a fraud, which is pretty nice of her.
    -"You can't shut us down because you're not a real building inspector!" THANK YOU! My reaction to that will make more sense after the 'meh' section.
    -During the opening day walk-through, everyone is excited, except Madison. Madison gives no f***s.
    -General hotel-cleaning, fake-inspecting, villain-assuring fun.

    1. Meh:

      -TV-Y box covers Russel's face.
      -Blythe is an ant-hater. I know that's also a major, but she liked Weber. How is an ant worse than a spider?
      -"So, the shop is closed for the next three days?" She asks after what must have been maybe a minute or so after hearing it. Possibly to someone who told her.
      -That wimpy ant-control service. What is aunt Annie planning to do with all her ants? I know she puts them in ant farms, but what does she do with them? Alternatively, Blythe lies to Penny Ling and those ants are dead.
      -The Pawza isn't open yet, but Mrs. Twombly says Sophie "used to" have a place to keep the pets? Also, she hasn't spoken to Sophie in a while, but she's kept up with what she's doing? stalkeeerr...
      -Have you considered putting "opening soon" on the site, Madison or Sophie?
      -"Dad? Whatcha doin' for the next 72 hours?" Somehow, not flying planes. Also, hammering nails is one thing, but I doubt very much that Roger is a qualified electrician, carpenter or plumber. He wasn't even good at hammering nails.
      -We never see anyone call the pets' owners after seeing that the Pawza is a crap-hole! Did anyone call them? If they did off-camera, what did they say? Did Blythe lie, or did the pets' owners say "You're keeping my pet in a renovation site with serious carpentry, electrical and plumbing problems? And everyone there will be an amateur too busy to watch them? Hellz yeah, go for it!".
      -Blythe's "How do I phone?" moment.
      -The debate over whether Fisher is alright or not is over. The song's title may as well have been "F*** You, Decency!".
      -If all Mr. Dale needs to do is make sure the Pawza doesn't open before the Biskits' (awesome-sounding) hotels and Blythe says they'll need "months, years maybe", isn't his job basically done?
      -"But you can't!" "Oh, I caaan!" No, Blythe is right. A REAL inspector could shut them down...even though they're not open...but a FAKE doesn't have the authority to condemn a building or officially forbid a business from opening in it. That's why not everyone can just do inspections. This isn't a meh because Blythe doesn't know he's a fake, it's because the big threat of the episode isn't a threat. I don't think even a real inspector could shut it down since it's clearly being renovated. The only way this plan could work is if nobody tries to get real inspectors involved in any way, and that would be giving up pretty easily.
      -How many times is this now that Zoe or someone could tell Blythe "It's really important!" to get her alone? Because it's more than one.
      -"Why didn't you simply shut them down right on the spot?" Because he can't. You know he can't.
      -Four-way villainous laughter. Say, I think these four might be the antagonists, durrr!!
      -"What's a fake hotel?" ...what?
      -So, Blythe's big plan was "I'll open a door, a couple of you throw stuff at him"?
      -Mr. Dale is THE WORST undercover goon, EVER! Forget "Dale", I'm calling him Jimmy the Squealer.
      -The pets bask in Jimmy the Squealer's tears. Look at their faces, they love his weeping!
      -"You just knew. Right, dear?" "Right, Mrs. Twombly." "Blythe? Why did Zoe and Pepper just wink at you?"
      -So, it probably took a while to get the Pawza open and ready for business. Conservatively, let's say three weeks. Who ran LPS during that time? Did Sophie pay everyone or are they all out three weeks' wages? How did Roger convince the airline to let him do this? Did Blythe ever try to get her human friends to help? Did Mrs. Twombly ever realize the place is competition?

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