Saturday, 17 January 2015

"Pet Sounds" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

Hello everyone. It's time for another episode of our favourite show!

This week, Minka's cousin's owner invents a device that can give anyone Blythe's superpower!

This was on an episode of the Simpsons, I think.

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  1. Minka's cousin, whose owner invents a faulty animal translator helmet for his pet to try, yearns to speak to humans and we're already treated to a song with some pretty good singing. When Blythe speaks to him, he runs off thinking all humans can speak to him. We get a first episode that explores Youngmee's newfound awareness and curiousity of Blythe's gift. We already see some new mode of interaction between her and the pets, and so far it's fun to watch these new doors of possibility open up now that Youngmee's in on the action.

    I enjoyed the Indiana Jones themed fantasy that had Youngmee and Minka talking with each other. Although it was just in Minka's imagination, this type of scene probably would not have been possible before episode 13. It was also nice for the episode to finally reveal Russell's and Pepper's owners. We also get some adventure in this episode which is always cool; the Pac-Man-like birds-eye-view parts were a nice touch too. I look forward to watching more episodes like this one.

  2. What a great episode, not hard to grade. First of all we finally get a follow up on Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret. I have been waiting for this since the show came back from hiatus. It is kind of what I thought would happen, Youngmee being curious but also hoping to try to communicate with animals herself.

    Also a great song, and we get to see more pet owners. The only reveal was Russell's owner, we get more confirmation of Penny and Pepper's owners, and already meet Zoey's owners. Perhaps one day we will see all the owners.

    I liked Cheep-Cheep he was a great guest pet, I loved the overhead view, which was a reference to old video games. The action was great, this episode was entertaining. And Youngmee got to talk to Minka in the fantasies, that is the first time that a named human character other than Blythe communicated with the pets in the fantasies, so that is neat to see.

    I love the message at the end, that you don't have to have Blythe's abilities to talk with your pets. And I loved Buttercream rant in the first scene, did I hear a Diff'rent Strokes reference.

    This episode gets a 10 / 10.

  3. (Spoilers, if you haven't seen the episode yet)


    -Buttercream. Also, she's acting like a bunny, which is cute.
    -Youngmee's face, when paused on the "O!" of "HE-LLO!"
    -Buttercream looks like Youngmee has some terrible breath. Which is odd for someone who makes and probably eats cupcakes daily.
    -Youngmee knowing Blythe's secret finally matters! And it's used to some pretty good effect over the course of the episode.
    -"Maybe Buttercream isn't the ideal pet to practice on." That has to be the nicest way of saying "your bunny is insane" I've ever heard.
    -Mrs. Twombley is back! I hope she's learned to be more attentive since last time I said she wasn't!
    -"And that's not gibberish". I kind of want to ask if mrs. Twombley knows what gibberish is, but she is technically right.
    -Cheep-Cheep claims to be driven nuts and not bananas. I give credit for not going for the predictable, but to be honest, I'm a little let down. Wait, was this foreshadowing choosing peanut butter over banana treats? Well played, LPS.
    -Waterproof helmet.
    -Russel's owner: Revelations! And they're not what I expected.
    -More Pepper's owner. I don't know why I want to know what he's like, but I do. I have this theory that he's French for some reason.
    -The long Clarissa-drought is finally over! also john.
    -Apparently one of the pets is owned by Fisher Biskit with a different haircut.
    -I enjoyed the song.
    -Minka's adorabacrobatics. It's a portmanteau of adorable and acrobatics.
    -Uh-oh, monkeys climbing a building and a wobbly fantasy transition? I know where this is go-...oh, it's Indiana Jones. Well, like I said, credit for not being predictable! Also, hats off to the incredibly apt cave name.
    -Watching Youngmee interact with Minka. I wouldn't have thought they'd work this well, but they do make kind of a good pair.
    -Next to no Vinnie or Sunil. I like them and everything, but it kind of seemed like the writers were pushing them for 'main pets' while others, mostly Minka, Penny Ling and worse, Pepper, were being pushed into the background. And I think they deserve better.
    -Since all but two regulars are still in the day camp during all this, mrs. Twombley's negligence is close to understandable.
    -General moment-to-moment goodness.

    1. Meh:

      -If Youngmee is trying to understand Buttercream, why is she talking loud and slow? She's the one who can't understand, not Buttercream.
      -They've been bringing up the how of Blythe's superpower lately, but I get the feeling we're not actually going to get an answer. Not this season, anyway.
      -Blythe doesn't ask Youngmee where Buttercream's "what? What!?" twitch came from.
      -Ohai, Russel voice with a pinched nose.
      -Is it a trope that a non-asshat mentioning an award means they'll win it yet? Because it should be.
      -Cheep-Cheep's misleading name. That monkey doesn't look anything like those fish Mario and Luigi fight in water levels! Also, 'Cheep-Cheep'? 'Meow-Meow'? Are the writers running out of new pet names? Are we someday going to see Zoe say "Meet my aunt, Bark-Bark"?
      -The creepy Monban/Helmet fanfics that will result from this episode. Or do LPS fans not do that so much?
      -Despite the helmet looking like the Happy Helmet from Ren & Stimpy, there isn't a single appearance by Stinky Wizzleteats in the whole episode.
      -Does Penny Ling usually read in front of her owner? Because that's already a pretty neat trick.
      -Is Russel's owner a man or a woman? I honestly can't tell.
      -I guess f*** you, salesmen. Also, Zoe opened the door despite knowing Clarissa didn't want to talk to a salesman.
      -Youngmee doesn't seem to notice the helmet, even though it's bigger than Russel. She also doesn't catch on to the delay between his mouth moving and the words coming out. I wonder if she could learn to understand pets by reading their lips. And I know she's never heard his voice, but does she really think he sounds like a robot?
      -It really annoys me when the misunderstanding character actively prevents the ones who know what's going on from explaining it to them. If this ever happens to someone reading this, take my advice. Physically stop them, tell them to shut up for a second and explain. You'll have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble. Speaking of which, during the chase, nobody tries just calling out for him to stop.
      -Cheep-Cheep goes SO FAR out of his way not to realize people can't understand him. Also, how does he think people will react to suddenly understanding a talking monkey?
      -So, what was really happening during the fantasy sequence?
      -"NOW you tell me!" Oh, you motherfu-...rrr!
      -"I can't tell you". You saw him eat the peanut butter treats more quickly and he seemed happier afterward? You offered him a choice and they're the ones he went for? as far as these three professor-judges are concerned, inventing way to communicate with animals, thereby establishing that they're intelligent and changing friggin' everything; award-worthy. Saying "My monkey likes peanut butter!?"; just as good. Jeez, I hope this award wasn't a competition. Just imagine how depressing losing to this guy would be!
      -The helmet never ends up on Buttercream. Such a waste. Come to think of it, where did the helmet end up? Did the guy just abandon it or is he still working on it? Also, bulls**t, Buttercream, Penny Ling is at least as skooshtabooshy a skooshtaboosh as Youngmee! Keep handing out the title of skooshtabooshiest and soon it won't mean anything. Just like that Toppleton award, BUURRRRRRN!!