Saturday, 3 January 2015

"Room Enough" - ​Downloads/​​Discussion

Hello everyone. It's time for another episode of Littlest Pet Shop!

This week. Blythe tries her hand at interior design. Because let's face it, that room of hers looks terrible!

Sadly, our normal streamer appears to be at a wedding. Which is why there are no known streams running this week. Sorry about that.

HD release from Discovery Family (Get it before Hasbro notices!)

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WOO! Flying!


  1. I wasn't expect much from this episode, I thought just an average episode, but it blow past my expectation.

    Meow Meow reminds me of Mindy from Animaniacs with her just why.

    But she was adorable non the less. I thought the question of why can Blythe talk to animals is that is a nod to the fans, the writers they know fans want to know, so this is a little nod to the fans which I liked. It reminded of the ending of "Operation Bai Fong" in Legend Of Korra when Toph said the reason Katara didn't get involved in the water tribe civil war. I thought Minka made the most sense, and baby Blythe and young Blythe was so cute. And the other theories were good to.

    For the record my theory is Blythe inherit her abilities from her mother, and when she bumped in the first episode it unlocked that ability that has been dormant before hand.

    As for the Blythe plot, I liked it. The song was okay, when she said let's get physical before she put in her head phones I thought we were going to hear Olivia Newton John's song "Physical", most of you are too young to know what I am talking about. I liked the reason Blythe did what she did was not because of peer pressure, well sort of the magazine is sort of a peer, but any other series would have set this plot by the Biskits making fun of Blythe's room and Blythe going out of her to way to "show them" and prove them wrong. So I am glad, Blythe wanted to redesign her room because she wanted to, and she changed it back because she wanted to.

    I love that Blythe that she has such a good head on her shoulder, she knows what she wants, and she is not going to let her peers tell her what to do. Good for you Blythe.

    I thought Vinnie and Sunil they were hilarious as always, and Meow Meow saying other words at the end that was great, and I thought the answer of why Blythe can understand pets was a nice answer, we don't know but who cares she is happy that she can. But you never know this could be a set up for the season finale, perhaps we will find out why Blythe can understand animals, perhaps we well meet other people that have that ability, or if my theory is correct, see Blythe's mom.

    Anyway, 9 / 10, this episode really surprised me how much I enjoyed it.

  2. Major:

    -I guess AOL is kind of outdated. As someone who used to take complaints for them, I actually smiled at that thought.
    -Sort of return of the Soulpatches. Y'know, if you're into that kinda thing...
    -"LPS will just have to wait a while"? So not only is Blythe's job mostly just hanging out with friends and applying her talent/passion, she can take most of the day off unannounced to redecorate her room? I almost put this in 'meh' out of sheer jealousy!
    -Blythe's plan to redo her room without buying anything new is pretty ambitious. In the hands of someone who enjoys decorating, it could be a fun challenge. Hell, it's probably already a show somewhere on cable!
    -That 'why?' is adorable.
    -The Robin mask bedsheets.
    -What Blythe does with that chair is pretty clever.
    -Pepper's Mork shirt.
    -Pepper making use of Meow-Meow's catchphrase and working it into her act. Also, it's nice to see a joke-maker not get all defensive about having their jokes questioned this much. Also-also, her second joke is...not bad, for Pepper.
    -Someone had to freak out at all the why's. May as well be Vinnie. Also, careful, Meow-Meow. Your Jocelyne Loewen is showing.
    -They're finally getting around to the explanation for Blyhte's superpower!
    -80's Roger. Also, 80's Roger and humanized 80's Cheerilee, OTP.
    -Those theories. Mine is that as the dumbwaiter was falling, Blythe made a pact with Satan in order to survive. And as everyone knows, pacts with Satan always include powers. Kind of a 'buy a Ginsu knife, get a mellon-baller free' thing.
    -Vinnie's theory, which really deserves its own mention.
    -I know the lesson here is to be you and don't blindly follow trends, but I liked Blythe's new room. With a few more personalized tweaks, maybe some more color, it could have been a good permanent replacement for the usual layout.
    -Minka's camera gag. Yeah, it's Pinkie Pie as all get-out, but it's still funny.
    -The up-the-shaft animation. They've really been stepping that up these last couple episodes.
    -Minka's claustrophobia isn't abandoned.
    -Yeah, I'm a sucker for a multi-animal group hug. Sue me.
    -I know I've seen Meow-Meow's falling technique before, but where?
    -Roger seeing Blythe surrounded by animals he can't tell are laughing and not showing concern. It doesn't make sense, but it's funny to me.

    1. Meh:

      -Why would a teenage girl spend hours of time with her dad in her bedroom? I don't buy it.
      -Why does Blythe have that poster of an old-timey diving suit? Is she into Bioshock?
      -Why is 'Meow-Meow' the best name they could come up with? Unless they're playing up the contrast between Blythe's creativity and the cat's owner's lack of it, that's jusy lazy naming.
      -That cat's a male!? I mean, I know eyelashes doesn't equal girl, but they don't scream 'dude'! And that voice!
      -...that 'why?' is going to be a running gag, isn't it?
      -"She'll know how to connect with you on your level." Aw, you b***h!
      -Why has Pepper been bombing so much lately.
      -Why are they bringing up the why of Blythe's power when we all know they won't answer it?
      -Why does painting a dresser take more time to come up with than combining a chair and waistbands?
      -Why do the apes have baby clothes, Minka? Where would apes get the baby clothes!?
      -"...chimps, who laugh and grin all night". Chimps confirmed for stoners.
      -Why did Blythe toss the picture of her and her dad? It has value to her, the black frame would match just about anything.
      -Why couldn't these lists be in a visual format? A gif of Stewie Griffon with 'LPS writers' written on him saying "That's you. That's what you sound like" to someone with 'fan theorists' on them pretty much sums up the pets' debate on Blythe.
      -Why monkeys rarely fall because they have basically have two sets of hands, plus a tail for a good grip. Plus, if they do fall, they're more likely to catch themselves. There, question answered.
      -Why is "don't be who someone else thinks you should be, unless they're your parents" the lesson here? She seems perfectly happy with the new room until Roger got all sentimental. "Dad got attatched to the decor, so nuts to you, hours of work and creativity!"
      -Why couldn't she just lower the dumbwaiter until Meow-Meow is at the bottom but the car isn't?
      -"My name is Blythe, I'm going to help you." "Why?" You're aksing why NOW!?
      -Why did Blythe change her outfit? And in front of Meow-Meow?
      -Why do the pets think Blythe knows how she got her powers? She told Youngmee (who is again absent from the episode) she didn't. And if she did, wouldn't she have told them by now? Or tried to replicate it with someone else?
      -Why did Blythe bring all the pets up in the dumbwaiter at once? Has she learned nothing from when she got stuck? Come to think of it, why did it turn out fine this time?

  3. You know, after reading that synopsis, all I could think of is just how much this could royally suck. Color me surprised that I actually liked this one. However, given both plots, I can see why this would be a polarizing one, if not easily hated upon, too.

    My opinion on all of this: Despite the lame - ass synopsis, I consider this a High Tier effort, especially from someone like Tom Minton (easily one of my least favorite writers on this show right now, IMHO.), mostly because of Blythe's plot (which is what I was expecting to sink the episode royally, due to how shallow it all sounds on paper and has been in practice in far too many cartoons aimed at this demographic that aren't Gravity Falls!) and the pets' speculations, which was alright. Meow Meow was kind of annoying, unfortunately...