Saturday, 10 January 2015

"Why Can’t We Be Friends?" - ​Downloads/​​Discussion

Hello everyone. Once again, apologies for the late post... I... actually have nothing, I just forgot.

This week's episode was all about Blythe finding a new friend, and ditching her old friends. Above you'll find my theory as to who that friend is.

I'm kidding.

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  1. What an episode, I liked it, Blythe's friends got redeemed for their behavior in "Penny For Your Laughs", this time they learned their lesson.

    I found it unique that in the beginning, it was Blythe and Sue hanging together with no Youngmee, haven't seen that since season 1. though I think their a reason for it, the plot called for it. Sue is a very insecure person so when Blythe pays attention to someone else she can't deal with it, Youngmee is much more of a secure person, so Sue had to lead her to those feelings of neglect, Youngmee initially was cool with it, I mean Youngmee knows Blythe's secret, so that is a trump card of friendship status, so if I was Youngmeee I wouldn't be so insecure. So it makes more sense Sue takes the lead, and heck she was the one that took the lead on not supporting Blythe and getting possessive of Blythe in "Penny For Your Laughs".

    Blythe was wrong for being rude to her friends, but she didn't do it on purpose, but Sue and Youngmee could have handled more maturely. But in the end it all works out, and did I mention love Kora. I love her look, except for the glasses, she looks like a previous generation Blythe, and she is kind of like a human less hyper Sugar Sprinkles.

    And yes Kora is a popular in animation now a days, not only the title character in Legend Of Korra, but there was also someone with that name in Sofia the First. Remember the overprotective big sister mermaid?

    As for the pet plot, I love Vinnie trying to catch the fly at the beginning, I guess he didn't learn his lesson from "What Did You Say", I love Webber, he is so adorable, and Sunil thought there was a surprise party for him, and the shower scene was hilarious, in the end they all made friends and Sunil has one less fear. And Vinnie he is slow to figure out the joke about Webber's name.

    And I loved Blythe's hats, they are awesome.

    I think I will give this one a 9 / 10, this was actually pretty good.

  2. I write this, considering how the synopsis didn't grab me, period (same as last time. with "Room Enough"...):

    Thankfully enough, this was another High Tier victory for LPS - mostly because I felt this was far superior to "Penny For Your Laughs"... On its own, however - it does serve as a good character study of why I feel Blythe's closest friend is Youngmee, and that she (Blythe) herself could use a friend who shares her interests, more than anything. There's not too much here right now, but it was thoughtful of the writers to consider something like this and actually do a good enough job running with it.

    I don't have too much to say about the pet plot (mostly because I don't think we'll be seeing our guest pet anytime soon, as much as I would like to - he and the pets, including Sunil, hit it off quite well - as if he belonged in the main cast, and IMHO, could be with some effective enough writing.), but I am glad to see that was handled well, too - alongside the moral of the story.

    Now, if only Sue (and Jasper) could be written as well as Youngmee has actually been (whenever Youngmee is a conflict participant alongside Blythe.) so far... Look, Sue wasn't bad at all here or anything, but if we're going to have more episodes where she is around, she could use some of that good old character development (besides ANY she may have gotten here...), IMHO.

    Also, there's one more thing I'm noticing here: If this episode is any indication to me, just like last week's effort was to me as well,
    a lot of plots in Season 1 should have been made later on in the show, period (As well as tweaked to fine tune any instances of bad writing!) - especially if it meant better developing not just the character we're expected to like. I look to shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time for what I'm trying to get at, but there are much better examples that aren't MLP.

    Despite all of my - negative feelings, I'll come out and say for the most part that most of Season 3 beats Season 1 in comparison, save for last few episodes of the latter - if only because they actually did more to develop these characters this time (Even if I still feel Season 2 was more productive...).

    Yeah - for me, "Room Enough" is a better version of "Russel Up Some Fun", whereas "Why Can't We Be Friends?" is a better version of "Penny For Your Laughs". I'm sure people will disagree with this, but I stand by these views immensely...

  3. Major:

    -The title reminds me of that epiode of The Simpsons where this song plays for Homer when he enters a boxing ring. It was funny.
    -The VinniexPenny Ling ship (because why wouldn't there be one?) just got fueled up by that tongue-swat. I'm not sure why this is a major to me.
    -A fly landing on the face of someone that's been trying to catch it may be the dumbest thing I've ever seen something do. Kudos!
    -Vinnie doing the dog 'circle before laying down' thing on the wall.
    -Previous events brought up. Partly. Too proud to mention the tutu stuff, eh Vinnie?
    -"Because there's not here." Aw.
    -The sneaking suspicion that Kora is actually McKenna Nicole. Seriously, they look pretty similar (except the eyes, but colored lenses), they're both into fashion and her and Blythe are quick friends. As if they've...met before!?
    -Youngmee is back, and keeping her promise to not mention Blythe's secret!
    -The way Pepper tries to act innocent.
    -A misunderstanding story where the one out of the loop assumes a surprise party. That's an interesting twist.
    -Sunil's first scream darkened the background, which was a nice little touch.
    -Webber really lucked out on phobias to have gotten one about somthing he'll never have to encounter.
    -Sunil's close-up grin. He just looks so...eee!
    -That cover-up was pretty clever, for Vinnie.
    -"Youngmee this, Sue that." Okay, I guess f*** you, Jasper.
    -That ending. Oh, Vinnie. You so amusingly dumb!


    -Close-ups on a fly. (shudder!)
    -"My name's Weber." Of course it is...
    -So, spiders in this world are all cutesy while flies are still...(shudder!). That's...unfair? Also, where are Weber's other eyes? And fangs?
    -The sneaking suspicion that Kora is going to join McKenna on the 'never-seen-again' roster.
    -This episode is giving me weird new headcanons.
    -"How about that frozen yogurt?" How about letting your friend talk to someone who shares her interests and who she'll likely run into again? Part of Sue's character seems to be that she's insecure, but...relax for a minute.
    -Kora doesn't question the pets posing like they did.
    -How is a golf club going to inspire Blythe's fashion design?
    -Blythe and Kora did all that shopping and Youngmee and Sue are only just now leaving the frogurt place? What kind of slow service do they have there?
    -Tennis with three players? Or are they asking her to be the...judge? Ref? The person in the tall chair. Actually, a tennis court for three could be interesting...
    -Why did Sue look so disappointed when Blythe agreed to go to a movie with her? There may not have been cartwheels, but she agreed to go.
    -"Hilar'" isn't a real term. And it shouldn't be!
    -"Webber? Oh, that's clever." It really isn't.
    -If Blythe can talk to spiders, she can probably talk to other kinds of tiny crawly things. Can she hear every fly, roach, butterfly and moth? Can she hear every ant? How is she not insane by now?
    -"I grant you, it irrational as are all phobias". No, some of them are pretty valid. Heights, enclosed spaces. Even spiders, if they're venomous.
    -Sue and Youngmee are jealous because Blythe is spending time with a brand-new friend, even though they're right there with her for a lot of it. Isn't that like ten or more pet plots so far? And the pets never get jealous, they just build them homes or follow them into supply rooms. Does that mean Sue and Youngmee have more of a 'look at me!' side than Zoe?
    -Consarnit, now I'm all curious about what happened to McKenna! I know she probably lives in another state from her accent, but did Blythe just stop communicating with her?

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