Saturday, 28 February 2015

"In the Loop" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

Hello everyone. It's time for another episode of Littlest Pet Shop.

This week, Russell meets a hedgehog he hates. Possibly one that arrives covered in excrement. Who knows?

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  1. Wow, what can I say, this episode was gold~ The flashback scene for the episode opener was interesting, there were no boring human sub-plots, the guest pet was really cool, the concept taken from the movie 'Groundhog Day' really worked well here, we see all the pets doing everything, this was a Russell episode (okay, not exactly a positive, but he's my favorite character), and we get to see Russell's version of 'Dance Like You Know You Can' so it's a nice throwback to another great episode. This episode was chock full of positives! I'd rather not bother with every detail on how great this episde was, it's better you just see it for yourself~

    We also find out that Russell was the second-to-last pet to join the day camp. I had no idea until now that most of the pets have been around the pet shop for years. Considering Mrs. Twombly's hair color in the flashback, the pets must be older than I thought... Now this is not a negative nor a nitpick, but rather something confusing: it's known that hedgehogs have short life expectancies (5-7ish years) so even if you assume the flashback scene took place 5 years in the past, it seems a little odd that Mrs. Twombly's hair would have such a short time to turn gray.

    But whatever, I think it's unnecessary to look too deep into something unimportant in an otherwise great episode. Like I said, this episode had everything I could possibly want in an episode and I couldn't ask for better~ This is an episode I can actually watch again and again. I give it a 10/10.

  2. Major:

    -Those little pets. Just...those little pets. And their young voices!
    -Mrs. Twombly's old look.
    -I feel like it says something about the relationship between Pepper and her owner that he can put her in a dress and do her hair and both know she won't spray him.
    -"As that dog is my witness, I will never be unsafe again!" As they once said on The Simpsons, "And that's the origin a'that."
    -Mitchell "M.A." Larson
    -Russel tells Pepper her props are dangerous. She procedes to give not a single f**k.
    -I'm with Russel. Harold is kinda hard to like.
    -Plot foreshadowing! Also, I really need to re-watch Groundhog's Day at some point.
    -"...she said to the hedgehog." Okay, that was pretty funny.
    -See? The floorboard was an easy fix! That...nobody did for years for some reason.
    -The alternate view of the ice cream truck thing.
    -Russel's wacky broken mind!
    -"But, my dear hedgehog, how do you explain yourself?" That's a fair point. Not being native to a place doesn't mean an animal can't be there. Unless it's Antarctica or something.
    -They kept the "use the repeated day to learn things" from Groundhog's Day but decided to omit the multiple suicides. As funny as they were and might have been here, it's still probably a good call.
    -If you want to borrow things from someone, be sure to include some flattery.
    -Okay, not gonna lie. Russel and Zoe doing "Dance Like You Know You Can (extended)" might be my favorite LPS moment in a while. More of that song, the return of Funrussel, Zoe's prancey-dance. The duet itself. Love it!
    -The quick "Russel engaging in the others' passions" montage.
    -Russel's "senpai noticed me" moment.
    -I feel like Russel can be...not underrated, but under-utilized and it's nice to see him as something more than a buzzkill.
    -General prickly-crazy fun.

    1. Meh:

      -Mrs. Twombly went grey pretty quickly, apparently. Maybe she saw a ghost or something between this flashback and the present.
      -Mrs. Twombly puts an animal she can't identify and whose owner she seems to have only half-listend to in the day camp, takes some joy in it and then leaves. She clearly finds happiness in what she does and that's great, but how did LPS function without Blythe?
      -Pepper's live chicken. Do I even need to go into how weird it is that she's keeping a live animal in her trunk? Or that it doesn't seem to be able to talk? Or where it went after it escaped?
      -A quill-covered critter is calling something too pointy?
      -"Carpe diem! That's a thing I say now, I guess!"
      -I thought Vinnie didn't like to be called "Vincent".
      -"You should never wish a day away." I can't recall exactly when, but I feel like I've heard Blythe wish the day would end in one way or another.
      -The pets liking Harold. For a while, I thought they all knew he didn't know what he was talking about but were just humoring him so he'd have a good impression of LPS.
      -The floorboard. It's a good source of physical comedy and it's funny for a while, but it's been a catapult for much of the pets' lives. Even if they couldn't directly ask mrs. Twombly to fix it, which they probably could since Zoe brought a beehive to her attention, they can tell Blythe about it. Or do it themselves, apparently. Also, we've never seen a pet step on that floorboard until now, yet Russel does so once a day.
      -"Was that comment really necessary?" Were you?
      -"Carlos the hedgehog, from Peru. Are you sure?" Well, Peru or DevientArt.
      -It seems pretty easy to make the pets not try to help their insane friend.
      -Who gives a dog an MP3 player? For that matter, who put music on it?
      -The pets applaud for, but don't laugh at, Russel and Pepper's bit.
      -"But between you and me, I do occasionally misspeak." No, Harold. Misspeaking is when you accidentally tell someone to get apple juice when you need orange or calling the teacher "mom". You're full of s**t. Not only are you full of s**t, not only are you completely confident to the point of smugness about being full of s**t, you take every opportunity to share your BS with the others. If you know you misspeak, think before you spout factoids at everyone. Throwing trivia nobody asked about after some mental fact-checking might help with your little misspeaking problem. Also, you called hedgehogs "lesser hogs". I may throw around "that's racist" in these mehs pretty freely, but that actually is super-racist. And you sniffle like a cokehead.
      -"It's not often one finds such a kindred spirit, especially of the hedge variety." In other words, "you're one of the good ones", right? Racist!
      -We don't get to meet Crash Dangerfeather.
      -The bat doesn't get a name.

  3. I loved this episode. The flashback at the beginning was nice, Mrs. T had dark hair back than, I wonder how long was this flashback. It was a very cute flashback.

    The episode was hilarious, I loved the bit with the balloon and the ice cream truck, the little girl is adorable, we keep seeing that over and over again to let us know what day it is.

    Harold was a likable character, I thought Russell was a little rough with him at the beginning, he means well, he is not trying to cause trouble.

    I loved Blythe's look in this episode, and the nature of the episode of each day over looping does make it so there can't be no subplot.

    And Russell he was hilarious going crazy, and than taking advantage of the time loop, it was sad when he realized he won't be seeing Harold again.

    And credit to the episode that this is canon and not a dream, like other series might do.

    This episode gets a 9 / 10, bring on the finale.

  4. In The Loop - better than last week, but kinda lacking that special... Something to make it perfect. So close.

    Well, I admit that it is nice to have Larson back writing an episode for this series (probably just this once, too... Sadly, to some people, I'm sure), but it's no God Tier material , like I bet anyone still watching this show (with overly high expectations, of course...) was expecting of him. But I did enjoy it enough to rank it as another successful High Tier effort for Season 3 and a nice step up from last week, without saying too much that hasn't been repeated already. Without saying too much, This is definitely one to see for yourself - and judge accordingly.