Saturday, 7 March 2015

"It's the Pet Fest!" - Stream/​Downloads/​Discussion

Well everyone. I have some sad news. The season finale of Littlest Pet Shop is airing today. And who knows when we'll get to see our favourite tiny animals again!?

Oh well. Let's just hope it's soon.

This week, Blythe decides to hold a pet festival... No, I've never seen one of these either. I think the writers made it up.

Stream (@ 12 noon EST)
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  1. This was a great finale, was it epic not really, but it was enjoyment, it felt connected a lot of stuff from the season, which I like in a season finale, have a payoff to stuff you build up.

    Yes Blythe was awesome here, she with the help of friends both human and pet put on this celebration for the bond between pets and pet owners. I loved how she was able over come her fan girl nervousness with the Soul Patches to get them to take part in the pet fest.

    As for the pets, I love Heidi awesome guest camper, she reminds a bit of Sugar Sprinkles. And of course Zoey going to do overdue with being a diva, because that is what Zoey does. It was awesome that the pets through their own concert, though it gave me nightmare flashback to the Cosmic Toast Studios LPS web shorts since the web short is about the pets forming a band. Cool to see a lot of past pets, though we could have used more, where was Sugar Sprinkles, I know she might not have an owner but still, also some of my other favorites like Madam Pom, though Mary Francis was there, so yay.

    Great that Blythe got help from everyone she knew, we even got Cora back, not to mention Sophie and Madison, Madison was funny in these episodes, and of course Youngmee, she is the co creator of the pet fest, so of course I can't forget her.

    And Blythe even got help from the Biskits of all people, about time they pay her back for all the times Blythe has helped them out, but I don't know how to describe their role, they weren't antagonist, but not that emotionally invested in Blythe's cause, but they proved they are unreliable allies, so with allies like them who needs enemy. I blame Blythe as much as I blame the twins for their screw ups, I mean Blythe should know better than to rely on them, especially the second time, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, though they did come true the second time as people did know the location of the Pet Fest had been changed, so off screen the Biskits did do something right. And we got a Cashmere and Velvet cameo, perhaps they are regretting their life choice.

    I don't know if I would call this redemption for the Biskits, it is not the level of Pacifica Northwest redemption in the "Northwest Mansion Noir", but I will say they should some development, the end of part 1 when they admitted they screwed up, that surprised me, that is a major development for them, the Biskits always thought of themselves as perfect, to admit they screwed up and take down the we can do no wrong, we are perfect wall, that is big. It is not "Northwest Mansion Noir", but maybe it is "Golf War", if I quote a line from that episode, it is some progress.

    Vinnie and Sunil being bodyguard to endangered species, that so hilarious, I wonder if the indented audience know what endanger species are.

    And the songs at the end, Daniel Ingram again delivers.

    So much more to say, but if I said everything it would take for ever, but yay great episode. 10 / 10. So till season 4.

  2. Major:

    -Admittedly, the beagle is fairly cute.
    -What I thought of every time Blythe broke mr. Solid's shades . Of course, it never got old.
    -Eh-heh, the pet's named like the guest voice.
    -All fair points from Minka about her being an active model.
    -I feel like I've seen the "angelic choir really is happening" gag before. Nevertheless, it works here, too.
    -Youngmee's cute meow.
    -Vinnie and Sunil's high-techy method of running the controls. Also, their method led to their partial deaths.
    -Blythe is clumsy and slick at the same time.
    -I don't like heckling, but it was kinda funny this time.
    -Hey, the Biskits are back!
    -The Biskits' post-hug faces.
    -God, I wish my name was "Mr. Solid".
    -Begging montage.
    -Shirt-making montage. More entertaining than you'd think that would be.
    -If Sam Vincent's mr. Solid voice isn't altered, my hat's off to him and his range.
    -Useful...wanna say Cashmere in Whittany's purse?
    -I literally said "What about the Pawza?" twice before mrs. Twombly did.
    -The Biskits' other eyes. There's nothing weird or special there, but seeing them is still kinda neat. Like a non-pervy skirt-blow.
    -Eh, I've heard worse excuses to get a gecko and mongoose in a suit and shades.
    -Playful Pepper.
    -I kind of want to hear Vinnie and Sunil talk like Agent Smith from The Matrix. "Mis-ter Fergu-son." a thing they might say. "Dog treats need love like everything does".
    -Buttercream! And Mary Francis.
    -I know I say this a lot, but Pepper's laughing mouth.
    -"Do you know how to play the bass?" "" Good fake-out by Madison.
    -General worried Blythe, scheduling problem fun.

    1. Meh:

      -"What's a fun thing for Pet Fest?" "Fun things?"
      -Just say "big idea", Blythe. Also, just say words that aren't sound effects, Heidi.
      -Vinnie doesn't know what a switch is? For real?
      -So, does Lady Yodel Lee of the High D get her name from the yodeling she does? Does her yodeling sound like yodeling to humans?
      -Boy, it sure is easy to just jump at and talk to a high-profile celebrity like Jason #1!
      -Wow, it's almost like Youngmee didn't need to go with Blythe to meet Jason #1 at all.
      -Blythe depending on the Biskits for anything. How does she not know better?
      -It seems like Heidi Klum wasn't sure if she should go for an accent or not. Of course, I don't think I've ever heard her just talking, so maybe she always sounds like that. If so, consider this meh revoked.
      -"Oh, Blythe and her mischievous wordplay." Yup. "She had us thinking she did not like the idea of a pet jam-band." Got it. "And then at the very last moment, she pulled a verbal switcheroo." She sure did. "And revealed that she DID like it!" GOT IT! THANKS! Also, I know Vinnie is dumb, but is he meant to be....."special"?
      -"She's obviously been well cared for." "That's what we do here at Littlest Pet Shop!", it really isn't.
      -Pretty sure I'm not a Soulpatches fan.
      -I didn't know Blythe was a qualified co-pilot! She must be if she's apparently filling in for Roger's.
      -The Biskits didn't come through!? NNNNOOOOOOOoooo, REALLY!?!
      -Fisher is preaching responsibility again. The same man who was going to destroy a forest so some cleaning stuff would smell pine-like, the same man who ripped off mrs. Twombly with the UFO balloon, the same man who tried to sell an endangered snake that was probably poached is preaching responsibility? F*** you, Fisher! Two-Face is less morally inconsistent!
      -Nobody reacts to Pet Fest being back on until Blythe says so despite her reaction on the phone making it clear.
      -The video Blythe and Jasper make. The epitome of necessary!
      -It's been a while since "Blythe's Crush", but I don't think any of those are the bands Josh Sharp is in. Especially since mr. Solid made them all sound like kind of a big deal and I doubt Josh is a professional, touring musician.
      -Blythe and Jason #1 have better chemistry than Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. Well, that's really more of a 'meh' on MLP, but I already posted the majors.
      -"Nothing can go wrong now!" Why do you say things like that?
      -Pets are playing string instruments with paws outside of a fantasy.
      -"How will we get there!?" I'm sure any of the Soulpatches will be happy to send their driver for them. "I guess you'll have to walk?" Or Blythe can hold a grudge and make it take way longer for them to get there. Assuming they go at all since they're only doing this for the band they can get to play at their house.
      -Zoe is attacked by tentacles. Watching a lot of anime taught me to worry about things like that.
      -Vinnie and Sunil take three near-extinctions really well.
      -You have an apparently important title in an apparently big-time charitable organization now, Blythe. SURPRISE, HOPE YOU CAN DO THAT AND DIDN'T HAVE OTHER PLANS FOR YOURSELF!!
      -And the Biskits were found dead on their platform a month later. The end!

    2. After-thought:
      Well, that's season three of Littlest Pet Shop, on the books! It feels like not too long ago I was thinking "Season three, already? Two just ended, but okay!". All in all, I feel like this was the best one yet, in some ways, and not great in others. Mostly guest pets. I did like some of them, including Cashmere and Velvet, oddly. But there were just a lot of them that struck me as kind of irritating in one way or another. Harold being full of s***, for example, or the way Jebie only tried the one method of asking for help (post-episode meh on that: if Jebie doesn't understand English, how did she hear about Blythe?). Delores genuinely annoyed me nearly every second she was on-screen. Also, I have to say, Blythe's text-speak habit is kind of wearing thin. Not so much using common ones out loud, but the ones that nobody uses and explaining them a second later. Nobody says "BI" for "big idea" or "TSC" for "that's so cool", they just say what they mean and I wish Blythe would do the same. But it's not all or even largely bad. The animation took a noticeable upturn in places, characters got new sides to them, interesting new ones were introduced. Maybe the hugest development, Blythe revealed her secret to Youngmee, not only cementing her best friend status but leading to some enjoyable stories. My worries about it reducing Youngmee to always asking Blythe to repeat what had just been said were largely unneeded, and I appreciate that. I know my longer mehs lists can seem a bit negative, but while I stand by nearly all of them as legitimate points, I will say that despite them, I do like this show. Some episodes have a lot of mehs, but none are without majors.
      As much as I liked this season, and the series in general, there was always a running theme that bothered me. That being, nobody but Blythe and sometimes Youngmee or Christie seemed to really care what happens to the pets. How many times have I mentioned how irresponsible or inattentive mrs. Twombly is? And what about the pets' owners and all the things they've agreed to or possible disasters they didn't seem to mind? "What's that? My pet was almost locked in a museum where they could have damaged invaluable objects? Whatever!" "What's that? You want to keep my pet in a renovation site where nobody can watch them? Okee-doke!" "What's that? You want to take my pet halfway around the planet to crowded and dangerous cities where they could very, very easily get away from you and you can't even ask the locals if they've seen them? That couldn't POSSIBLY go horrifically wrong in any number of ways!" Even this very episode. "You want to leave my small pet in a room with a leopard, a bear, an owl and a ton of electrical equipment? Unattended and without other food sources? And there's an octopus there, but no tank for him? That sounds awesome and not at all like it would be a disaster unless everything humans think they know about animals is completely wrong!" These ideas were all apparently pitched to the pets' owners, and not only did they always say yes, they paid LPS to do them! Well, the usual seven's owners did, Buttercream can apparently just wander in for free whenever she feels like it. What kind of crazy-ass idea would Blythe have to suggest before they start thinking about taking their pets to LEPS!? Yeah, it's not fun there, but at least they'd know their pets are safe! They don't even seem to question the weird ones, like Pepper wearing make-up or Goldy smelling like feces.
      Quick thought: Remember when mrs. Twombly used to matter? Like she had stories and a weird past and interacted with the pets longer than saying "here's a new pet, have fun or don't, whatever"? I miss that.
      Anyway, that's season three and it was a good one! Assuming there's a season four and we don't die before it airs, I'll see you all there!

  3. Ah yes, the Season 3 Finale - I was afraid of this, at first. Well, fear faced... For now.

    I'll say this, as to not say too much (like I usually do!): I'm quite thankful this season ended on a High Tier Note. Most abundantly, seeing those stupid twins get their comeuppance at the end made it all worth it for me. Everything else was good, too. However, I feel this could have been God Tier, had their been a bit more buildup to get things truly going toward this - sure, it was hinted at in earlier episodes, but it just came out so fast. I know I'm over-analyzing, but some things like this don't happen all that fast, TBH.

    Still better than Season 2's finale, I'll admit - Blythe's conflict and tension felt more natural and justified in comparison. And the payoff to the overall success feels equally as natural, too.

    Here's hoping Season 4 can come close to this level of quality when it starts out - that's I can hope for, going forward.

    @lastunusedname - I can't forget that you make some valid points... But it's better that one can still admitting to liking something and pointing out accordingly when it does something wrong... Something I wish I could away with more around the pony crowd, TBH.

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