Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New LPS Comic Being Released Today

Just a reminder that the new Littlest Pet Shop comic is now available.

Be sure to pick up a copy at your local comic book retailer, today.

Hurry, before they're all gone!


  1. In this comic, we have a bunch of stories, all of which take place one after another, there is a plot about Blythe wanting to take part in the Downtown University Fashion week, and this does not go as one would expected.

    There are a total of 4 stories, 3 normal length stories and 1really short story. I will review them in order, and title them before I review them.

    "The Old Switcheroo"

    Are first story got me excited that it was going to be a body switching story, but nope it is about Penny Ling and Pepper living together because Pepper's owner is away for the week. And as you can predict there habits gets on each other's nerves, though more so Pepper gets on Penny's nerves.

    There are some funny scenes such as something involving a tribal mask, there is a Laverne and Shirley parody and a Greece parody at the end, that one especially has a great twist. Good story.

    8 / 10

    "Whatever You Say Sunil"

    This is a short story, Sunil tries to hypnotize Minka and that is all I can say. There is a hilarious twist at the end that won't give away. Compared to the other shorts in the 5 issue comics this is one of the better ones so I will give it.

    9 / 10

    "Exclusive Taste"

    This is when we first hear about Blythe wanting to take part in Downtown University fashion week, in this story Cashmere and Velvet sort of run away to Littlest Pet Shop, as it is their birthday and they want a LPS exclusive ear lotion, we than see Francois looking for the chinchillas and Blythe tries to help them work everything out.

    This was a good story, I thought Cashmere and Velvet were in character here, they are like the twins only more nicer, and some of the panels on Cashmere and Velvet were just adorable. Weather you like them or not, you can not deny they were cute in his issue.

    10 / 10

    "The Spring Break Breach Bummer"

    The final story of the comic and I believe is the longest one. in this story after Blythe hears back form Downtown University about fashion week, Blythe, Mrs. T and the pets go to the beach and have a beach party, at the suggestion of Sugar Sprinkles, yup Sugar Sprinkles is in this, doesn't play a big role, but she is here and further looks like she doesn't have an owner.

    In this story the pets try to form a band to play a concert the beach, while Blythe befriends some kids from another town. I loved both plots, Sugar Sprinkles is awesome, the Biskits twins have a small role in this, and you see what kind of a relationship Blythe and the twins have developed, an interesting take on Blythe and the twins that have always wanted to see, and some great panels, there is a panel of Francois just looking so sad, and a panel of one of the kids Blythe meets this blond haired boy and at the very end, he looks terrified, hilarious.

    I think I am going to give this one a

    9 / 10

    So as a whole this comic is a 9 / 10, if you can please check this comic out.

  2. Cool! So does anyone knows if there are any scans avaliable?

    1. Yes, they are available at your local comic book store. Support the artist, ya ingrate!

      Admittedly, I've noticed that it is hard to get a hold of it. I had to make a special order at a store halfway across town. So to help you out, I may be covering this shortly.

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  4. Happy one-year idle-versary, Pet Shop Insider!